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Once the WuHuan did an abundance of crappy stuff concealed due to the fact FengRan, today FengRan is during larger troubles

Once the WuHuan did an abundance of crappy stuff concealed due to the fact FengRan, today FengRan is during larger troubles

Really, there is a problem

BaiJue is becoming who owns this new Heavenly Palace. However, FengRan has been put into jail and that’s punished. Nevertheless positive thing try, BaiJue only made it happen not to ever alert the new opponent, he does not actually found it FengRan.

MuGuang still cannot believe that WuHuan try doing Demon time. BaiJue plus thinks you to ShangGu won’t favor WuHuan in the event that she are worst…. (oh guy, he is completely wrong)

High, BaiJue believes JingZhao, and you can trusts her. BaiJue is even making enough opposition, because the QingMu is gone. MyЕ›laЕ‚em o tym BaiJue including advised MuGuang to allow WuHuan out of the Nether Business.

Think of when HouChi was expecting? In fact, two. First and foremost, QingMu has already been basically nonexistent. Secondly, the fresh HouChi are unable to feel the infant’s spiritual fuel. HouChi learns you to QingMu is actually BaiJue, and BaiJue has returned.

[Ep 39] HouChi cannot genuinely believe that BaiJue have a tendency to ignore the lady, as she nevertheless believes that he’s QingMu. However, FengRan verifies they. HouChi desires escape the fresh new Hidden Hill to allow your myself share with her he cannot think of the woman any further.

HouChi match BaiJue. BaiJue doesn’t say anything whenever HouChi asks regarding the when the he’s QingMu. BaiJue told her you to she appeared as if ShangGu, however, wasn’t this lady. He’s very very very cold so you’re able to HouChi. BaiJue informed her one to QingMu passed away. HouChi almost despises BaiJue today. JingZhao is additionally indeed there observe the girl at eg a low point.

Within QingMu’s tomb, HouChi noticed a “video” of QingMu informing the girl that which you, on the BoXuan, BaiJue, etc etc, and you can informs her that he wants this lady

BaiJue flashbacks to memory away from SHangGu, and you will will get kinda happier for a time, however becomes unfortunate. Remember the swing he skilled ShangGu? The guy removed you to. The guy along with flashbacks to as he place ShangGu’s heart toward egg, hence later on hatched HouChi. Therefore the guy understands that HouChi try ShangGu.

[Ep forty] Ends up, BaiJue knew basically everything, but simply pretended not to ever know everything. The guy and on purpose let-out WuHuan, once the she attacked him. BaiJue as well as believes so you can marry JingZhao. Ends up, it’s his plan to rating HouChi to hate your.

HouChi fits ShangGu during the a dream. JingJian performs chess with a fictional nonexistent QingMu, thus JingJian performs one another themselves and you may QingMu, when you find yourself BaiJue watches your. GuJun plans toys/outfits to own HouChi’s kid when searching very depressed.

WuHuan suspects that FengRan is the Phoenix Queen’s girl. BaiJue’s feather phone calls FengRan going somewhere, to share with the girl the woman delivery rating. But it happens to be WuHuan tricking the girl. FengRan happens to be the fresh new Phoenix Queen’s daughter. WuHuan agreements on sucking FengRan’s fuel inactive.

HouChi has been ignorant and you may cannot believe that QingMu passed away. Oh my personal, QingMu don’t be aware that HouChi try pregnant. Ouch. It is a lot more of such as an excellent flashback that he filed to own HouChi when the he becomes deceased.

[Ep 41] It’s BaiJue and you may JingZhao’s relationships. HouChi involves interrupt the wedding. She tries to give BaiJue/QingMu one she actually is pregnant, but he disrupts this lady. JingZhao spends the girl miracle to help you slap HouChi, and you can oh snap, BaiJue try pissed, however, the guy are unable to inform you it as the he or she is marrying JingZhao and it’s section of their plan. WuHuan including slaps the woman. Whenever delivering slapped, HouChi’s hairpin decrease (the one that QingMu gave her)

WuHuan begins hurting HouChi, and you can BaiJue is additionally a whole lot more pissed. BaiJue informs the woman to eliminate, but she doesn’t stop, thus GuJun should been save a single day. Oh kid, GuJun is also alot more pissed you to BaiJue.

HouChi desires Baijue so you’re able to separation and divorce the girl facing the others. In the event the the guy can it, upcoming she won’t irritate your. The guy will it, even if the guy cannot really want to.

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