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Mike Love your site and your services

Mike Love your site and your services

0.7 amps for 5-12 hrs/night GPS device (12VDC a unclear, but probably suprisingly low draw and simply for 5-10 min at the most 2x/night) Laptop (110VAC)

Rick my gf features a 2000 custon 1200 harley,she has a pigtail charger we cant get the connect in sorce for charging the battery on the cycle ?

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Several areas within materials as well as others Ia?ve browse, the report is made this 1 need to have the highest Ah standing capable. I do believe these resources happen about larger and perchance shorter-term draw in all cases, but Ia?m undecided. Additional material claims, for your type of reduced power/long application above, you should make use of things with an Ah review of just about double what they would use within one session typically, so as to not suck the battery lower extreme in one nights, but an adequate amount of the sum of the and so the bicycling is deep adequate to protect life of the battery by appropriate level of bicycling (or something like that such as that ;-). Nevertheless other places, Ia?ve review that it’s far better to bring along the electric battery less (5-10per cent of capacity) to increase the lifetime associated with the power. This provides me baffled.

1.) must i limit my personal range of Ah review to a diminished wide variety (double my want per routine) for my personal types of use?

2.) this can be outside their subject matter knowledge, or rely on particular unit features, but I also need to find out if integrated inverters suck power when there is nothing connected to all of them. We havena?t been able to acquire nothing thereon question.

BatteryStuff technical The truth is, the considerably your suck down on battery pack, the greater amount of cycles battery pack offers. There isn’t any fantastic tip. Should you best incorporate 10per cent capacity at a time, however state you really have invested extra money on battery than youra?re using. If you bring 90per cent at the same time, after that has not enough battery power and you’ll get replacing they really prematurely. 50% level of discharge per period was our referral because ita?s the most affordable remedy.

Creating any type of relationship (also unplugged) to a battery will commercially result in a very minimal discharge, but it’s so trivial, that i mightna?t be concerned with it basically are your.

Steve I am installing a back-up sump push using an intense pattern p trickle charger to maintain battery pack charge. We are really not expecting this push to be used frequently. Is a 1.5amp trickle charger large enough to keep charge?

BatteryStuff technical For trickle charging, i would suggest making use of 3percent of the electric battery capacity while the fee rate for upkeep. Therefore, if you work with a 1.5 amp charger, i do believe that’ll be fine provided that your present electric battery is no more than 50 Amp several hours.

Can it hurt they to make use of the conventional means for charging or would i must utilize the AGM form?

BatteryStuff technical most power chargers, such as Power sensitive, Pulse Tech, and Electric battery ATTENTION er use the 2 prong SAE means connector, which is well-known for pig-tail style installations.

One concern You Will Find… I simply bought a Motocross YTZ14S from you individuals for my Honda VFR800. It’s my opinion that the battery pack I was given got an AGM , but Ia?m not bipolar chat room panamanian sure. It’s just not indexed everywhere regarding power alone, nor is it regarding charge. Ia?m using a Noco G1100 to keep it energized. As Ia?m convinced you are aware, The G1100 can run-in typical means, or Cold/AGM function. The handbook for all the charger says that if their unsure regarding the battery pack makeup products, utilize the typical function. How much does the charger perform in different ways in AGM mode? Thanks for any light it is possible to shed with this.

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