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Inside ‘Blerd’ (Ebony Geek) Matchmaking World Occurring On A Twitter Feed In Your Area

Inside ‘Blerd’ (Ebony Geek) Matchmaking World Occurring On A Twitter Feed In Your Area

A lot of us attractive Essence ladies has a when taboo, filthy little key. A secret that will be luckily not any longer a secret. We spent my youth as the weirdoes, the outsiders, the nerds and geeks (two many different products) nowadays we sit proud and taller. That’s right, folk! The blerds (black colored nerds) come into the house. Like everybody else, we consume, sleep, date and fall-in like… Well, virtually like everybody else.

They have put together an unbelievable group, where we proudly act as the #BlerdDating resident traditions Guru

Blerds posses their dilemmas about love, intercourse, dating and interactions. We possess the stories and battle wounds to prove it!

Insert #BlerdDating, a regular web extravaganza produced by Leesa Dean. Leesa is known as the creator associated with the recommended animated internet series, a€?Chilltown TV.a€? Today she’s got partnered with amusement field veteran and Title VII filmmaker Nicole Franklin because of this newer types of storytelling.

Leesa: #BlerdDating could be the earliest Twitter stories/chat mash-up party. Because Twitter stories can be extremely individual, we refer to them as a€?confessions.a€? Its a celebration because, better, it is a lot of fun! It happens every Monday at 9PM EST.

Nicole: #BlerdDating try a space in order to connect, commiserate, and ideally one-day commemorate the dating knowledge of Black Nerds every-where.

Leesa: Nerd lifestyle with an urban POV. At first it just required black nerds. Today it is prepared for add lady, LGBTQ & all people of colors.

Nicole: successful that i have encountered the great Blerd go out but I would like to try it again: time authorship and researching within collection, meal then IMAX

Nicole: Blerds include at long last cool. We obsess about knowledge, after that we trend. Plus, not all the antiheroes can don the stockings nevertheless rock and roll the gorgeous.

Nicole: Jamie Broadnax, Donald Glover, trick & Peele, and several special friends on our #BlerdDating program. Stay tuned.

Leesa: if you ask me, it’s more of a mind-meld type thing. We just have significantly more to speak about. Usually a good thing.

Nicole: As literary, movies, comics and sci-fi fans, Blerds keep #RelationshipGoals near the hearts. We are mega-serious about pleased endings.

Now, i need to confess to are a sapiosexual, meaning that i will be drawn to intelligence. When we can create, see or see documentaries together, i’m in paradise. Should blerds day different blerds?

Nicole: definitely Blerds should date more Blerds. Speaking for myself personally, Blerd men is favored: Committed, smart and into wicked cool ish.

Leesa: My go out arrived in an Uber with wine on New Year’s Eve for long romantic experience. Nevertheless bubbly forced me to sick and that I hurled inside the taxi. Wii look.

Nicole: My many humiliating dating second happened with my clothing on, I’m thrilled to say. And it is any moment we fall flat on my face. It is entertaining.

Leesa: a€?i am shopping for you to definitely accept me personally as I ama€? might be a codeword for a€?I’m a convicted felon.a€? (Don’t query how I understand!)

Nicole: I have to state whenever I chosea€“and you have to choosea€“to exist without any expectations they freed me in life, really love and job.

Leesa: planning to read a patio concert by Kamasi Arizona, consuming prosecco and discussing graphic books. I’m an 8 basketball and Kyle Baker fanatic!

Nicole: Blerds whom date already encompass themselves inside their preferred storyworlda€“fantasy, tech, literary, the really works! The big date is only the icing.

Nicole: Blerds whom date have reached a downside because our company is politically aware. Injustice toward any individual disrupts all of our pleasure. #Vote or #Bye.

Yes! It was plenty fun. That’s just who inside brilliant #BlerdDating staff a€“ with Twitter manages to make certain that substance readers can take advantage of alongside?

Leesa: there is me, Leesa Dean (), Nicole Franklin (), Abiola Abrams (), Ramon Javier Benitez (), Hollie Harper () and Lisa Durden () become all of our routine hosts. All of our alt hosts put Patrick Riley (), Shameika Rhymes (), Debi Fraser () and Candice Frederick ().

Leesa: They’re called episodes since most months we additionally interview guests thus between that and the regular Twitter story, it has got a podcast/radio style of experience. A podcast senior sex chat that people can connect to real time!

The information associated with first four symptoms tend to be: The Elephant in place, relationship someone who’s committed, My personal Date Ghosted (I happened to be Stood-Up) and new-year’s Eve Dating Resolutions I’ve Already busted.

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